at all levels.

With our vast experience rolling out start ups and helping small firms grow into large ones, we can assist with packaging, pricing, promotional planning, presentations and all other deliverables for you to succeed in our markets.

Classes of Trade

We have a wealth of resources and industry knowledge that help guide our clients in developing strategies and shortcuts to achieve superior goals in the market. We do this with the help of our deep relationships with both key distributors, retailers and key decision-makers.

  • Retailers

  • Specialty Stores

  • Green Grocers

  • Exporters / Importers

  • Cruise Lines

  • Hospitality

  • Healthcare

  • Board of Education

  • Multi-Chain

  • Colleges & Universities

  • Country Clubs

  • Restaurants

  • C-Stores

  • Club Stores

Category Management

Through our unique category management process, we’re able to deliver superior sales, increasing customer market share and profitability for our vendor partners. We determine an efficient assortment based on both geographic and demographic data to create the most productive blend of authorized items at each distribution point.


B&A Food Brokers continually invests in state-of-the-art technology, training for their retail merchandising team, and feet on the street support that’s second to none.

Our team is equipped with iPads, wireless printers, and Bluetooth UPC scanners. We offer our retail partners recommended orders, sell sheets, and training videos. Our vendor partners receive a real time snapshot of store conditions.

Food Service Distributor & End User Coverage

B&A owns relationships with KEY Operators across every facet of the food service industry giving our Principals’ direct access to the ultimate decision makers. These include large and small food service distributors, airlines, caterers, health care institutions, commissaries, manufacturers, cruise lines, restaurants, theme parks, colleges, and the Board of Education.

We can help you with:

  • Headquarter Calls

  • Institutional Bid Guidance

  • Food Show Coverage

  • End User Coverage

  • ON-Dock Demo Programs for Route Drivers

Start-Up Consulting

With our vast years of experience in the food industry, we help start-ups avoid costly missteps when launching, as well as connect them with our wide network of retailers and foodservice accounts.

We can help your startup with:

  • Sales

  • Distribution

  • Branding

  • Packaging

  • Sell Sheets & POS

  • Go-To-Market Strategy

  • Logistical Assistance

  • Social Media Management

  • Warehousing



Let’s make it happen.

Whether you’re an established brand or just getting started, we’ve got a wide range of services, deep industry knowledge, and a wealth of connections to ensure you reach your brand goals. So let’s make it happen.