Kevin Czesak



Prior to coming to B&A in 1999, Kevin spent 15 years at Anco Fine Cheese where he gained experience in all aspects of the perishable food industry. During his career at Anco, he headed up at various intervals, Purchasing, Marketing, The Florida Division, and finally he was named V.P. of Sales managing 10 Regional Managers and over 90 Brokers nationwide. Originally owned by entrepreneurs, Anco became a Division of Kraft Foods and later became the U.S. arm of Multinational Bongrain S. A. France. This gave Kevin the experience to be empathic to all the various forms of the corporate structures of our Principals. In addition to managing B&A’s Northeast Division, he maintains key account responsibility and works closely with our Principals in developing sales and marketing programs for our market. In 2016, in recognition of his contributions in expanding and promoting the specialty cheese market in the U.S., Kevin was honored to be inducted into the Giulde Internationale de Fromagers. A select international group of individuals considered to be the top cheese professionals worldwide

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